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Slayer's Guild
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Leader: Mina Van Helsing (Series 4)
Founder: Unknown
Enemies: All vampires
Intentions: Hunting down and killing vampires
Headquarters: The Docks (Series 3)
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The slayers have their own organization called the 'Slayer's Guild'. It is much like the Initiative in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Slayers Guild features heavily in series 4 of Young Dracula. Vlad and the other vampires have entered into a peace initiative with the Slayers Guild. There is a ban on both biting and slaying. The head of operations (Mina Van Helsing) is still adamant that this is a bad idea, but remains on side for the sake of her son.

In "Whatever It Takes" Mina and the rest of the slayers order Erin's execution. Vlad mindwipes the every slayer to avoid all out war.

It is also of note, that slayers have been trained to go limp if a vampire is actually able to bite them so that they can be drained rather than potentially survive to go on to Turn into a vampire.

This is the reason that when Malik bit Jonno (although luckily he was chased off before he bit deep enough for the slayer to Turn) that Jonno despite being a trained slayer, did not put up much resistance or attempt to shake Malik off himself.

Known Members