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Shango is Ramanga's eldest son and both Adze's and Asan's older brother, as well as the Leader of the Ramanga Clan. It is likely that Asan is his successor.

Series 5

Shango first appears in "The Enemy Within" as an unusual bat. Asan nods at the bat form, and allows him to exit the room. Later Asan meets up with Shango at a vampire hangout, and we learn that Shango and Asan are both Ramanga's sons. Ramanga has apparently committed suicide in the and Shango has come to tell Asan the news.

In "The Bodyguard" Shango enters Garside Grange, pretending to be a vampire property consultant. He meets with Asan and tells him that they must start with Malik and that he has the honour of the first kill. In "Blood Match" their plan is set into motion. Vlad, Ingrid, Talitha and Count Dracula are all imprisoned within UV Cages and Shango elicits the help of Malik Vaccaria in recapturing Vlad. As the Dracula family look for a means of escape, Shango's father Ramanga suddenly appears.

Ramanga tries to perform a dark ritual to remove Vlad's powers, in the process killing Malik. The ritual does not work and, because Ramanga hurts Vlad, Count Dracula swiftly dispatches with Shango's father. Shango tells them that 'this is not over' before leaving with his brother.

Shango next appears in "The Darkest Hour". Having locked the driver in the boot of the taxi, Shango drives Sally and George to Garside and George lets slip that they are Vlad's mother and sister. Shango immediately contacts the Vampire High Council and when they arrive he orders his men to trap Sally and George in the throne room.

Shango accuses Vlad of being half-breather in court, leading to a unanimous decision by the jury. When the Magister Maleficorum is discovered by Shango's soldiers, it looks even worse for the Draculas, but luckily they manage to escape. Shango follows them to Garside where he confronts Vladimir Dracula.

Vlad, who has gained his new powers fights Shango off, but he spares Shango's life, saying that if they continue to dust one another the cycle of revenge will never be over. After Morgan's defeat, Shango ends the feud with the Dracula's.