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Ian and Paul

Ian and Paul Branaugh are the twins from the Branaugh family. A couple of not overly-bright school rugby union players, they both have huge crushes on Ingrid, and alternately rival and assist one another in getting near her

Though originally annoyed by their presence (she once said that she would rather let a tarantula crawl into her ear and lay eggs in it rather than go to the school), Ingrid eventually learns to manipulate them to her advantage.

During the second series, they are seen to have a small amount of rivalry with Will, and even at one point, when Ingrid's evil side emerges from the "Blood Mirror" and hypnotises them, shut him up inside the school's kitchen freezer. They do not seem to have a good brotherly relationship with Robin, whom they frequently refer to as 'the freak' or 'the weirdo Goth child', instead of his real name (They also show favoritism towards Chloe).

The only time they have been shown to be nice to Robin was when he impressed them with his up till now undiscovered football skills, following a fall out with Vlad. But when Robin accidentally cost them an important football game, they immediately returned to their old ways.

The Branaugh twins are among the few recurring characters who are unaware of the Dracula family's secret, being aware of it only for a few minutes in the final episode of the second series, before Vlad modifies their memories. As previously noted, they aren't all that intelligent.

"They're not happy. They're concussed"
- Robin Branaugh