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Not all vampires live wealthy aristocratic lifestyles such as the Dracula's, just as you get homeless humans you get homeless vampires. These vampires are typically referred to as either street-fangs or ferals, and are usually either born vampires that have fallen out of favour of their clans, seek some adventure, or even just half-fangs who were bitten by a vampire already a street-fang.


Ferals are much rarer now than they were before The Cease-fire, due to the fact that their tendency to hunt breathers means that the street-fang "culture" often clashes severely with it, meaning they have to face repercussions from both slayers and the vampire high council themselves.

As well as all of this, REVAMP programs, which aim to cure street-fangs of their blood addiction and get them off the streets, have become much more widely available as well as successful, which serves as another reason for the recent decline in the street-fang culture.

Despite this though, street-fangs, whilst less common, are still around. Those that remain, much like prior to the cease-fire, are very rarely solitary, often grouping together in gangs, and those that don't rarely last long.

This is because, like all vampires, ferals are very competitive, often competing against each other for both territory and blood, with gang wars not being uncommon. This tends to, along with the typical vampire/slayer conflict, mean that there is a high fatality rate for ferals, but in turn this means that those who survive are often rather close to each other as a result.

The exact formation of gangs varies, and can be anything from small groups of born-vampires, relatively large groups of half-fangs and anything in between. What is constant however, is that gangs always have some form of hierarchy with one leader on top. Depending on multiple factors this position can either be relatively constant or constantly changing.

For example, a leader that is trusted and respected by the rest of a gang they view as family, tends to stay in power longer than one who rules by fear, which may be promptly overthrown by their supposed "subordinates". Gangs with the former sort of leader also, unsurprisingly, tend to be much more stable and successful than the latter.

It is also of note, that unlike vampire aristocracy, in which status revolves around a vampires clan, gender, or purity (whether they were born a human or not), status with ferals tends to be gained by respect, that is earned through actions rather than anything else.

Known gangs