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Delila Lovette
Delila 0
Aliases: Bubbles
Bubble brain
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 14 (series 2)
20 (By 2015)
Skin color: Tanned
Hair color: Dark brown with pink highlights
Eye color: Brown
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Klariza Clayton


Early life

Seies 2

The fall of Stokely

Life post-Stokely




  • A 14 year old Del was the very first love interest of Vlad. His second love interest was Erin Noble.
  • Del has a strong fondness for bright pastel colours, including pink, which is in stark contrast with her younger self's preference of more browns/greys.
  • Whilst she does not want to be a vampire, her philosophy is more "better alive than undead" than the more renown "better dead than undead", and she has said before that she'd be more open to the idea of vampirism if she was hit by a truck.
  • Her main weapon of choice are two stakes, one painted black which is iron tipped, and one painted pink that's also tipped with silver. She always has these on her person.
  • Although she can hold her own in a one on one fight against a supernatural creature, they are still much stronger than her. This means that, without exception, she always ends up badly beaten up as a result of any direct fight she's in, and visits E.R often enough that she is on first name basis with many of the doctors.